PUBLICATIONS BY The Crafts Council of Karnataka

The Crafts Council of Karnataka has conducted documentation of selected crafts of Karnataka. Over the years several publications have been brought out, that serve as reference and design sources for researchers, crafts students and practising craftspersons.

TEMPLE TREASURES: Volume I. “Temple Ritual Utensils”
This volume, highlights the ritual objects used in Hindu, Jaina and Buddhist Temples of Karnataka, in accordance with Agamic (scriptural) traditions. The 48,000 Hindu temples and religious institutions in Karnataka are repositories of a priceless collection of ritual utensils, lamps, bells and temple ensembles. The field work and documentation has been done by Dr. Choodamani Nandgopal and Smt. Vatsala Iyengar,
Pages: 140. Price: 750/-
TEMPLE TREASURES:Volume II. “Temple Jewellery”
This volume showcases the core collection of jewellery in religious institutions and temples of Karnataka, some of which are centuries old. It also explains the ritual significance of each piece of jewellery. The field work and documentation has been done by Dr. Choodamani Nandgopal and Smt. Vatsala Iyengar,
Pages: 244. Price: 1250/-
TEMPLE TREASURES:Volume III. “Temple Chariots”
The Temple Chariot is an important part of a temple complex. It is traditionally used to house the processional deity that is drawn by devotees, in a procession encircling the main temple. Its unique tiered structure embodies the cosmic vitality running through it. The volume, is beautifully illustrated with accompanying texts on the origin and development of chariots, the technical aspects of their construction and the rituals that are a part of chariot festivals. The field work and documentation has been done by Dr. Choodamani Nandgopal and Smt. Vatsala Iyengar,
Pages: 184. Price: Rs.1000/-
Devalayapada Parikaragulu,
Pages :140.
Price: Rs 750/-
Devalaya Abhushanagalu,
Pages : 232.
Price: Rs 1250/-
Devalaya Tathagulu
Pages : 178.
Price : Rs 1000/-
Kamaladevi Chattotopadhyay – A True Karmayogi
This anthology contains articles by leading contributors, who knew Kamaladevi Chattopadhyay well. It contains information on Kamaladevi and the pioneering role she played in the promotion of Indian handicrafts as well as in improving the status of craftspersons and obtaining sustainable livelihoods for them.
Pages: 112. Price: Rs. 250/-
Kamaladevi’s Contribution to the Folk Crafts of Costal Karnataka (Kannada)
This book was published toward the end of Kamaladevi’s birth centenary year (2003-2004). It contains articles by experts in different branches of Folklore and Folk Crafts in the coastal region of Karnataka.
Pages: 103 Price: Rs. 60/-
Metal Craft of Karnataka
Metal casting in Karnataka developed and prospered during the period of the Rulers of the Chalukyas, Rashtrakutas, Hoysalas and the Vijayanagara Kings. The volume covers all aspects of the craft, from raw material used, to the finished product stage. As part of the survey and documentation of the craft, more than hundred practising craftspersons were interviewed. Field work and documentation was done by Smt. Anasuya Pavanje, former Secretary of The Crafts Council of Karnataka.
Pages: 100 Price: Rs. 250/-
Wood Craft of Karnataka
Wood Craft is an important part of Karnataka’s rich cultural and crafts heritage. The publication covers the diverse uses of wood, in sculpture, temples and dwelling houses and in objects of everyday life, both religious and secular. The field work and documentation has been done by Smt. Indu Parthasarathy.
Pages: 164 pages. Price: Rs. 950/-
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